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      ABOUT US







      Hengshui Hengzekang Medical Equipment Co. Ltd is a modern enterprise, which covers R & D, manufacture, and trade.Company’s main products include hospital beds, home nursing beds, wheelchairs, anti-decubitus air mattress and other health care related products.Our company is one of municipal protection enterprises in Hengshui city, which is concerned by various leaderships. Our famous brand “Maidesite” was found in 2013. Different series products under Maidesite brand have been exported to more than 20 countries, malaysia,Vietnam,Middle east ,Argentina,Mexico,etc., Maidesite brand have own R & D with 12 technicians and cooperates with many universities to research and update products. Our company established complete QA/QC system and passed ISO9001 Quality System Certification & ISO13485 Medical Device-quality Management System China free sales certification. Professional QA/QC team ensured high quality of products. Company employees around 400 people, office and factory more than 99900 sqm, production facilities around 100 sets. Advanced management and productivity can well satisfy various large orders, OEM/ODM included. We sincerely expect to cooperate with you and provide you satisfactory services and products..







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